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#ListenLikeNeverBefore at CanJam. Check out all of the latest innovations in headphone and personal/portable audio technology including: headphones, in-ear monitors, portable audio players, docs, amplifiers, cables, accessories, and more!

SoCal 2023    
SoCal 2023 – Weekend, Sept 30 – Oct 1 $40.00


SoCal 2023 – Saturday, September 30 $30.00


SoCal 2023 – Sunday, October 1 $30.00


Dallas 2023    
CanJam Dallas 2023 – Weekend, November 11-12 $40.00


CanJam Dallas 2023 – Saturday, November 11 $30.00


CanJam Dallas 2023 – Sunday, November 12 $30.00


What Attendees Are Saying

“I attended my first CanJam and it was quite an experience that I will never forget. I went with a couple of my friends, and we had a great time exploring and testing out some of the high-end headphones available there.  Overall, it was a highly enjoyable event, and I can’t wait to attend another CanJam in the future.”

“Second time going to Canjam SG. I had an absolute blast this year, much more stuff to try compared to last year. Finally, I won the first giveaway ever in my life, a Vision Ears EVE20, which marked the end of an incredible Canjam! See everyone next year!”

“I said it to everyone there, and I’ll say it again here: CanJam SG 2023 was the best one I’ve ever been to. And, absolutely none of it had to do with the gear. As much as I’ve loved the products I got to listen to, or the review/business opportunities I’ve been able to make in the past, there really is quite nothing like giving and reciprocating human connection.”

“Words alone cannot suffice my gratitude for everyone I’ve met throughout this trip. What I thought would just be a fun trip to CanJam Singapore ended up being a lifetime of an experience worth cherishing in my heart.”

“What a fantastic experience CanJam SG has been. I was only in SG for 4 days which turns out to be the same number of days I was in NYC. Both were great and action packed!”

“This was my first CanJam event and what a high bar it has set for any future CanJam I attend!”

“CanJam Singapore was brilliant. Good people, good music, and good food. I need to do this more often!”

“First of all, is it worth traveling to a CanJam to demo prior to purchase? Absolutely. I’m lucky that I live 2 hours away from NYC and I realize not everyone lives in proximity to a CanJam event or high end audio store. For me, the ability to demo VO, AC, Caldera and AO even in suboptimal show conditions allowed me to ascertain the overall ZMF house sound and which headphone would resonate with me the most. After a few listens, it was the AO. When Springsteen’s vocal started on Chasing Wild Horses and the strings enveloped my ears, I had to hold back tears. That was it. I connected emotionally. Transducer Dopamine. Sold.”

“What a spectacular show! I’m sitting here in my room at the Marriott completely exhausted but simultaneously overwhelmed with the excitement and emotion of the previous two days trying to gather my thoughts into words. This was only my second CanJam but I can already see how each successive experience becomes richer due to all the connections made and fellowship with all involved. I’m exceedingly grateful for everyone who made the last two days happen.”

“Thank you to everyone that makes these events possible. This year felt very very different. First time that it really felt like a trade show rather than a large meet up with vendors. Congratulations on the turn out, I’m guessing this has to be the biggest ever.”

“WOW! What a fantastic CanJam, quite possibly one of the best NYC shows ever!”

“What a great CanJam! Huge appreciation to all the folks at Head-Fi who put in so much work to coordinate this effort. It’s amazing to see how much CanJam has changed over the last few years.”

“My first CanJam and I really enjoyed the experience.”

“Sitting here back at home over coffee & relaxing with my cats on Sunday morning trying to gather my thoughts over what was a thrilling, exhausting, emotional, breakneck, and ultimately eminently satisfying weekend. My heart, mind and spirit are full right now– and not merely from the fact that for two days I was essentially a kid in the candy store I’ve been dreaming of for the last two years.”

“First time to a CanJam. It’s been an amazing experience! Am fairly new to the headphone scene.”

“What a great CanJam! It was my first, but there were so many unicorn bucket list things I was able to listen to.”

“Really nice to be at a show where some of the actual creators of products are showing off their gear, and interesting seeing some of the more well known reviewers in the flesh. Kudos to all who put this show on, and were vendors. Really great experience!”

“What a fabulous CanJam! After a couple of rough years during the pandemic CanJam is back in full swing, and what a return it was! Lots of exhibits, world premieres, and two days of nonstop fun.”

“I had a ball at CanJam and I can’t wait to do this again. The people, the conversations, music, and food were the highlights. Next year I’m making a vacation out of this!”

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