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#ListenLikeNeverBefore at CanJam. Check out all of the latest innovations in headphone and personal/portable audio technology including: headphones, in-ear monitors, portable audio players, docs, amplifiers, cables, accessories, and more!

NYC 2022    
CanJam NYC 2022 – Weekend, February 26-27 $30.00

CanJam NYC 2022 – Saturday, February 26 $20.00

CanJam NYC 2022 – Sunday, February 27 $20.00

Singapore 2022    
CanJam Singapore 2022 – Weekend, April 2-3 S$30.00

CanJam Singapore 2022 – Saturday, April 2 S$20.00

CanJam Singapore 2022 – Sunday, April 3 S$20.00

Shenzhen 2022    
CanJam Shenzhen 2022 – Weekend, April 9-10 ¥100.00

CanJam Shenzhen 2022 – Saturday, April 9 ¥60.00

CanJam Shenzhen 2022 – Sunday, April 10 ¥60.00

Chicago 2022    
CanJam Chicago 2022 – Weekend, June 18-19 $30.00

CanJam Chicago 2022 – Saturday, June 18 $20.00

CanJam Chicago 2022 – Sunday, June 19 $20.00

London 2022    
CanJam London 2022 – Weekend, July 30-31 £20.00

CanJam London 2022 – Saturday, July 30 £15.00

CanJam London 2022 – Sunday, July 31 £15.00

SoCal 2022    
CanJam SoCal 2022 – Weekend, September 17-18 $30.00

CanJam SoCal 2022 – Saturday, September 17 $20.00

CanJam SoCal 2022 – Sunday, September 18 $20.00

Shanghai 2022    
CanJam Shanghai 2022 – Weekend, December 3-4 ¥100.00

CanJam Shanghai 2022 – Saturday, December 3 ¥60.00

CanJam Shanghai 2022 – Sunday, December 4 ¥60.00

What Attendees Are Saying

“First I just want to give a huge props to all the organizers and exhibitors who were all nothing but amazing. Thank you so much for making this CanJam possible. I also want to say everyone I interacted with at the show was super friendly and accommodating. Thank you all for making my first CanJam a blast!”

It was my first CanJam, thank you to the sponsors, attendees, and to the Head-Fi team. I had a fun time…Really enjoyed my chat with the brilliant Jan Meier, the man who is a huge credit to our hobby. Thank you all!”

“What a show. My first ever. I’m a two channel guy and have been since 1969 (9yrs old). I stayed for two days and got to listen to nearly everything there.”

“This year’s eagerly awaited CanJam SoCal was a big success! Huge thanks to the organizers and staff for organizing the event during these challenging times. I attended on Saturday and the show was very well attended – there was hardly any listening station that didn’t have people waiting patiently in line to listen.”

Many thanks to the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and fellow hi-fiers who made my first CanJam an enjoyable success!”

“This was my second CanJamNYC. I’m a budding audiophile and the quality of current equipment is amazing.”

“That was a lot of fun! First Canjam for me…hopefully first of many. It was my first time listening to many top end flagship headphones, so it was a pretty eye opening experience. It was very intense!! Just an overall great experience for people passionate about audio and headphones.”

I’ve done a few HiFi audio shows but wasn’t aware of CanJam’s existence until this year; glad I found out about it! Was a wonderful event and so glad I spent the better part of Sunday there; my only regret was not going Saturday too! Tons of gear to demo, nice discounts and everybody was friendly and helpful.”

“I was so pleased to see how many visitors the CanJam attracts. . .The vibe was so great I don’t think this is my last CanJam!!”

“This was my first CanJam and honestly it was so worth the plane ride over. I got to open my eyes and ears to all sorts of new experiences and it helped me make final decisions for future purchases!”

“This was my first CanJam, and now I can’t wait to do another one! I had a great time. Thanks to [all of the exhibitors] for putting up with my repeat visits and requests.”

“Just like last year, I wish I’d had more time. Next year I will definitely add an extra day to my stay so I get a chance to see and hear more. It was an incredible event once again!”

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