I always look forward to CanJam SoCal as it is my local event and it gives me the opportunity to hang out with Ethan, Jude, Brian, Warren, and the rest of the CanJam gang along with all of my Personal audio buddies both on the manufacturing and consumer end of things, as well as getting to experience for the first time new product launches by the very best in the business and attend seminars by those that make it all happen. This year’s show was exceptional for a couple of reasons, not only was there a host of groundbreaking products being premiered at the show including the Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE Headphone, the Noble Viking Ragnar IEM, an all-new version of the Focal Utopia Headphone, the ZMF Headphones Caldera Headphone, the Meze 109 PRO Headphone, and many others, there was also a record number of vendors in attendance, and a record number of attendees.